About Me

"There are
no right answers
to wrong questions."

- Ursula K. Le Guin

I'm a digital native, design thinker, and information junkie. I live for learning new tools, storytelling, solving problems through design, and exploiting tech to make the world a better place. Currently, I work as a Design & IT Consultant at Grantbook; at the intersection of philanthropy and technology, we help our clients get more out of their digital & data systems.

I've worked with organizations such as the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative, EcoSchools Canada, Community Foundations of Canada, and the University of Toronto, specializing in web, UX, and communication design. I've also got a knack for creative writing, facilitating workshops, and general IT consulting (gnarly toolkit, I know!).


Why this colour and not that? Why is this the status quo and not that? How do we make decisions? Trying to find answers - and learning to ask questions - led me to pursue a degree in cognitive science and psychology at the University of Toronto.

Though school provided fertile ground for exploring new theories, art was always soulfood. An early dalliance with poetry and HTML code evolved to theatre and media arts in youth. Eventually, this led me to an internship at Chartreuse Media, where I started to build a portfolio with real client work.

Creating art was (and still is) healing, soothing, and inspiring - but I'm always game to explore new ideas in cognitive science. Best of both worlds is when an elegant solution allows me to draw on both my scientific and creative toolkits!


I'm curious about so many things, but most passionate about exploring and expanding my skills in:

  • Data journalism
  • Product design
  • Client and project management

On the less career-related side, I'm excitedly learning:

  • To swim, for the first time
  • How to dance to house music
  • How to be better at rock-climbing
  • How to have better and more wholehearted relationships

And I'm nose-deep and steadfastly (albeit slowly) trying to finish one of the following reads: