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The teaching staff is excited to share with you the adventure of anthropology, the comprehensive, varied, and integrative study of what it means to be the social animal known as Homo sapiens.

Three outstanding lecturers cover various anthropological perspectives: Prof. Shawn Lehman, the Fall Term Course Coordinator, teaches Evolutionary Anthropology, the study of the evolution and biodiversity of humans and non-human primates. Prof. Max Friesen teaches archaeology, the study of the material evidence of human activites in the past. Prof. Ivan Kalmar, the Winter Term Course Coordinator, teaches Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, exploring the universals and particulars of human culture and society, and how humans make sense of the world using language and other sign systems.

Important Info

  • Lectures & Readings

    Required readings are posted here. Lecture notes and study questions are added after each lecture as well. They are indispensable as you prepare for the test and the exam.

  • Essay Assignment

    This is a three-part assignment targeted at developing your research and writing skills for university and beyond.

  • Evaluation

    For information about the marking breakdown, as well as information about extensions and late penalties, please see this page.

ANT100 has been officially recognized as being a Green Course for the 2015-16 school year. See UofT Sustainability Office for more information.

General Information

Lecture Time & Location

Lecture Time/Location: Please see the U of T Timetable
Office Hours: See TA List

Course Texts

The following are the required texts for the course, in addition to online journal articles required for your essay. Be sure to view the Lecturs & Readings page to read the appropriate readings before lecture.

  • Lehman, S.M. 2015. Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology, 2nd ed. New York: Pearson Custom Publishing.
  • ANT 100: Introduction to Anthropology – Archaeology Readings. Custom Publication for University of Toronto, McGraw Hill.
  • Kalmar, Ivan, Word, Sign, Culture, Self: Notes on Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology. Toronto: Quirk Press, 2000. This book can be downloaded for free or viewed online. It is not available at the University of Toronto Bookstore.
  • Eller, Jack David, Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives. New York and London: Routledge, 2009. This book is accessible online to University of Toronto students, via the library web site.

Course Policies

Details about the course, especially as pertaining to evaluation, extensions, late penalties, and academic misconduct can be found on the following pages:

The ANT100 Team

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Your Lecturers

Shawn Lehman
Course Coordinator (Fall)
Evolutionary Anthropology
Office: AP 404A | Website

Max Friesen
Office: AP 400 | Website

Ivan Kalmar
Course Coordinator (Spring)
Linguistic & Sociocultural Anthropology
Office: NF 228 | Website