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Office Coffee Solutions

As part of Office Coffee Solutions' rebranding initiative, I designed core features and developed pixel-perfect responsive webpages from InVision layouts, using Jekyll and Liquid to render static HTML templates.



Office Coffee Solutions is a Profit 500 coffee and tea distribution company based in Toronto. As one of Toronto's fastest-growing and most sustainable office kitchen service providers, it provides full kitchen solutions to a large fraction of this burgeoning city's advertising, marketing, technology, educational, and entertainment organizations.


Office Coffee Solutions was rebranding and needed a new website to accompany their new image. I was hired on contract to develop the Art Director's vision into a fully responsive, cross-platform-optimize website.

Skills & Tools

Web Design/Development
Jekyll (Liquid)
Cross-Platform Optimization
Responsive Web Design
Interaction Design
Git (Version Control)

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Performant Design & Development

Since the website contained lots of high resolution images and some videos, its code needed to be efficient to be quick-loading and performant. As a result, we avoided large Javascript libraries, and I coded many interactive elements in simple CSS and vanilla Javascript.

In addition, for better Search Engine Optimization, we used Jekyll and its accompanying Liquid framework to build a site that would compile like a web application but deliver fast, static HTML pages.

Scrolling down the OCS Homepage

Interaction Design

Mobile Menu

One of my primary contributions was the design and development of the mobile menu. The rest of the website had an optimistic, retro-modern feel, afforded by its use of Futura as the primary font, bright bold colours, and quirky tone of voice. To match this perky style, I designed a mobile navigation bar that was rounded in shape, with a large, friendly hamburger menu button. For ease-of-access, the menu bar also includes one-tap contact buttons that would allow the mobile visitor to immediately call or email the company. To save space, the top bar slides up out of view once the user scrolls down, and reappears if they scroll back up.

The mobile view. The mobile view, with expanded menu

Javascript Forms and CSS Lightboxes

To enable fast loading and responsive interactions, the majority of the features on the website eschew JQuery and other weighty Javascript libraries in favour of features written in vanilla Javascript and CSS.

A brewer's lightbox.

The lightbox design was ultimately chosen as a requisite feature because they allowed users to browse information about specific brewers on the Equipment page without leaving the website and thus breaking the flow of interactions.

Cross-Platform Optimization (Debugging!)

Finally, much of the project was spent discovering browser quirks and modernizing stylesheets to meet the limitations of different platforms. The lightbox overlay, in particular, proved to be a tricky to finagle with within iOS Safari browsers.

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The equipment page.